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x Your Lips Can Kill x

X I'll Be Your Beautiful Letdown X

X I'll Be Your Beautiful Letdown X
17 January
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|I AM| My name is Stephanie. I live in kind of a small town. I am 16. I am quiet and I am loud. I am shy and I am wild. I am honest and I am dishonest. I am optimistic and I am pessimistic. I am angry and I am content. I am sad and I am happy. I am blunt and I am gentle. I am everything I wanted to be and I am not everything I could be. I am not conceited and I am pretty modest. I am loved and I am hated. I am a bitch and I am an angel. I am unique and I am just like you. I am good and I am evil. I am afraid and I am bold. I am alone and I am accompanied. A music lover. A photo freak. I am some what morbid. Intriguing. Intellectual. I am the things you could only wish to be, and so much more...

|Music| 12 Stones. Alice in Chains. Anti-Flag. As I lay dying. The Ataris. Atreyu. Avenged Sevenfold. The Beautiful Mistake. Billy Squier. The bled. Blink 182. Blood Brothers. The bouncing souls. The Bronx. Crossfade. The Distillers. Disturbed. Dog Eat Dog. Earshot. Every time I die. Foo Fighters. From Autumn to Ashes. Garbage. Godsmack. Green Day. Guns N’ Roses. H.I.M. Hopesfall. Jack off jill. Kittie. Korn. Leftover Crack. Marilyn Manson. Matchbook Romance. Metallica. Mudvayne. Murderdolls. Mushroomhead. Nine Inch Nails. Nirvana. Nofx. Offspring. Ozzy Osbourne. A perfect circle. The Pixies. Poison the well. Rammstein. Recover. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Remembering Never. Rick Springfield. Seether. Slipknot. Statemachine. A static lullaby. Static-x. Student Rick. Sublime. Sunset black. Thrice. Twisted Sister. The Used. Yellowcard. … Thats some of it but I pretty much listen to anything now-a-days.

|I HATE| Liars. Assuptions. The people who gather up assumptions. Complainers. Snot nosed kids. People who refuse to cope with life. People who think they are smarter than everyone. Private school bitches. Really annoying people. Assholes. Extremely happy people. Those who giggle excessively. Real immature teens. Ignorant people. Illiterate people. Men who look at little girls. Rapist. Priests. Sexual Harassment. Guys who toy with girls. Heart breakers. . Drunks. Racists. Excessive shopping. Spiders. Christian rock stations. Girls with really baggy shirts. Roaches. The Catholic channel. Stairs. Ladders. Misunderstandings. Blunt safety pins. School. Spongebob Square Pants. My mother's parents. My mothers complaining. Whores. Talent wasters. Those who think they understand me. People with closed minds. The projects. Prostitution. People who try too hard. Attention seekers. I hate how you burn me with your eyes. I hate how you look straight through me.

|I BELIEVE| Monsters are not real. That everyone falls in love more than once. That love is more powerful than hate. That rage ends up in tragedy. That Michael Jackson cannot get enough little boy penis. In myself. In my friends. That if you try hard enough anything is possible. In doing what ever it takes to please only yourself. That sooner or later I will find someone to make me happy and I can make them happy again.

|I LOVE| Poetry. Art. Zero bars. The color grey. The stars overhead. The dark night sky. Solitude. Darkness. Intelligence. Myself. Kisses. Candles. The way you stare constantly. Lyrics. Black. Spikes. Intellect. Eyeliner. Biting. Tight shirts. The night air on my face. Beauty. My friends. Clothes. Modifying things to my liking. The feeling you get when someone special gets online. The only guy who could ever make me feel this good.

|I FEAR| Being alone. Roaches. Spiders. Walking with my back turned to the darkness. Getting hurt. Trusting people. Cancer. Disease. Reading aloud. Sleeping with the lights on and the doors open. What might be under the table. My mind. My emotions. My past. Tomorrow. Having my heart broken. Opening my eyes on lonely nights. The things that my mind portrays as being real.

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